Self Improving.

I still haven’t decided what this year is, or what it isn’t. Is it a breather from all the influences and people and “shouting” of who/what/when/where I should be? Is it a year to save money and travel? Is it the year to get my life together?

Yeah. All of the above. It’s nice to have time to think. A regular schedule, lots of down time, gym a 5 minute walk away. Fast (usually) internet and lots of books to read. Good people that are ok with coffee hangouts, downtown adventures or just plain need-to-be-alone time. 

I’m surprised how much I enjoy being alone. Watching a movie, sitting on my balcony, reading a book, catching up on everyone’s lives, Skype sessions with people, starting Yoga (I KNOW!), meditating on this year. Maybe I have a few years to decompress from, which surprises me. I always said I thrive on people–and I probably still do–but its being intentional about getting alone time that is making me happiest. I feel rested and my mind is clearer. 

Today I re-took the Meyers-Briggs Indicator Test and guess what: still an ESFJ. I thought with all my “alone time,” I might be switching teams to Introvert. Apparently not; Extroverts need to recharge too.

This year feels like my baseline. I’ve worked some amazing, amazing jobs, met some life-changing friends, and made memories that keep me laughing late at night. But now, I want to figure me out. What are my passions–not someone else’s that I like or ones that I think I should have–what do I love to do? What makes me happiest? What drives me? 

And it’s not just a mental reset, I really want to get my body in line as well. Its going to take a ridiculous amount of discipline, and I don’t know if I can do it. It scares me, it really does. I’m doing yoga, drinking so. much. water, running 2k without stopping and pushing myself with Nike Training Camp’s app for iPhone. I’m looking into P90x–has anyone done this?–and wanting to wear that awesome bikini that none of you have seen!

So, there’s a bunch of my heart, there. Not a lot about ESL teaching, Korea life, or fun fun fun things, but you guys know me. Heart on my (blog) sleeve. Thanks for listening.


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