About Me

My name is Alyssa but I almost always go by Bailey, except when I’m home and there’s 5 other people who also use that name. I hail from the glorious and green state of Washington, but have transplanted to Tulsa, Oklahoma for college, migrated on to Little Rock, Arkansas to begin my grown-up life, then emigrated to Daegu, South Korea for two years to teach English and mayhem.

And now I’ve decided to move to Chicago to take classes at Second City’s Comedy Training Center and re-pat to America. Before July 31, 2015 I’d never been outside O’Hare when I arrived with a U-Haul, a dream and 3 cardigans. I enjoy reading my personalized Facebook ads because they expose what I’ve googled lately and being a pop-culture junkie, I like Buzzfeed quizzes a lot.

I am not a huge fan of death metal music, the color yellow against my fair complexion, Dr. Pepper, and the number 9. But if you buy me a Diet Coke, I’ll tell you some stories and make you some 김밥. That there’s the truth.

Let’s do it.


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