Now I know why…

…everyone moans about the hospital check. After that, I’ll never be rude to an immigrant ever again. Everything was in hangul (Korean), and we just wandered from nurse to nurse, saying aanyong haseyo (hello) and kamsahamnida (thank you). I’ve never felt so utterly stupid in my life. And we tried to help, but just knew nothing. I was x-rayed, bled, eye examined with lights 2x, ears checked, neurologist asked if I was “crazy,” dentist checked my teeth, then blood pressure, hearing test, sight exam (with color test) and finally, peed (not enough) in a cup. I hadn’t been drinking enough water. I don’t know how much pee it takes, but I sure hope it was enough. If all was well, we go to immigration on Friday with the results to get our Alien Registration Cards on our E-2 Visas. 

I’m so tired. But I still got to shadow David’s class!  Image

2 thoughts on “Now I know why…

  1. Hello , I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. Great stuff!! I am going to be coming to DGEV very soon. Do you remember how much you paid for the health check?

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