Lazy Sunday


Sitting in Holly’s coffee enjoying the above vanilla latte and waiting to FaceTime with the family. They’re 16 hours behind so it takes a little finagling to line up a talk time. Maybe it should be a regular Sunday morning thing. I don’t know. It’ll probably take a few weeks to figure it out, but I’m sure we will.

The last few days have been full–first trip to Costco, which is culture shock in itself–it’s Costco, but everything is in Korean. Really gives the brain a whirl. First jaunt downtown with David Friday night, again Saturday with Roy-Gene, and today with both o’ them boys.

I’m exhausted, and just found out I’m on call for tomorrow and someone already called in. After my first teaching on Thursday went not-so-great, I’m hoping to redeem myself with my Zombie class, YES, ZOMBIE CLASS tomorrow.



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