New Kids On The Block

You know the first days at a new job? Where you’re terrified and excited and you know where nothing is? Add not understanding half the language and 16-hour jet lag to overcome to the mix and you’ll understand about where I’m at.

We (Steven from Chicago and I) met up in the Seoul-Incheon Airport for our domestic flight to Daegu. After our long flights, immigration, baggage, customs, re-check-in and security again, we were pretty wiped. The taxi ride was a dark blur; I remember seeing cutesy animals on skyscrapers and a 555-1268 number, which made me laugh because here that’s a real prefix!

I arrived at DGEV about 9pm on Sunday night, and was immediately greeted by David and Roy-Gene, as well as Gail. Friendly faces and people to carry my bags was the best thing in my life at that moment. I got to my room and there was a welcome bag with the DGEV white tiger (see photo!), and included snacks, tissues, baby wipes and guides to seeing Daegu. I pulled some things out of my carry on and promptly fell asleep around 9:45.

I woke up around 2:30 and said “I’m not doing this,” so I slept 2 more hours and got up at 4:30, unpacking most of my suitcases. Roy-Gene made me coffee around 6, and I got ready for my first day by showering (I will make a post about showering here, trust) and trying on about 3 different outfits. David and I went to breakfast and from there, a teacher meeting, which they do on Monday mornings.

Here’s Colleen and I at said meeting:


PS it’s muggy, y’all. I didn’t save more time to fight with the borrowed straightener I used:) I rocked heels all day, which I was a little worried I couldn’t do. My feet hurt but weren’t murderous by the end of the day. It’s just like getting used to the stone floor of the Apple store all over again.

We went to opening ceremonies: aka a waving tunnel to greet the kids on Monday and observed about 4 classes, including Orientation, Self-Intro, Pet Shop and Constellations. I got some free hangers from the freebie table, and a laundry hamper! Then, dinner and hanging out with people, hanging up said clothes and finally feeling like the room was my corner of the world. Then, 💤.

Today, beat the jet lag a little more by waking up at 5:45 and coffee-ing with Roy Gene again. I didn’t want to fight with the weather nor the flat iron, so I threw some gel in my hair and called it a curly day. Navy TOMS, jersey pencil skirt and gray shirt made it a wrap.

I’m about to go have my immigration physical in about 10 minutes–not sure why everyone groans…

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