The Wrap Up

Things that happened this week:

  • I had just started cleaning my bathroom yesterday when my razor, which hangs from my bathroom wall via a suction cup, fell, separated into 2 pieces, and the razor part promptly bounced into the toilet bowl. I had only one option for retrieving it, and after checking my right hand for cuts and nicks and thinking “Brianna would lecture me FER DAYS about the germs in here,” I retrieved my razor, and dumped it in the sink, whereafter I soaked it liberally in scalding hot water. True or False: can I use the razor or am I bound to mutate into a lesser Batman villainess? Image
  • New teachers arrived! Jen and Angela got in yesterday, which officially makes Steven and I not the n00best people on campus! Roy-Gene and I got to take them around downtown Daegu a little and the lovely ladies from the UCCS campus joined us! Daiso, By The Book, and even some Coffee Bean. 
  • PS: This means I’ve been here 1 month. PPS: Not by my contract (which started June 1), but rather by the actual days on ground in Korea. Image
  • Week 3 of teaching went good. After very low levels of English my first week, and the unanimous Hell Week that was middle schooler gauntlet last week…this was surprisingly low-key. Kids were pretty polite, some said “thank you,” (! I know!) and were generally great. Group 1 was the sassy group in the Broadcast studio, and I had the pleasure of teaching them 4x. Super grateful for them.
  • sub-bullet: there’s a K-Pop song here called “I got a Boy,” and the chorus sounds like “I got a boy, chicken,” and I know that’s not it, but I still like to sing it and Group 1 called me BOY CHICKEN TEACHER all week and I loved it. Image
  • WHAT ELSE…I put off writing this post because I was watching a video on the Foreign Service. Anyone done this/know anyone who has done this? It looks awesome and terrifying in one bag. I need to see how this year in Korea goes at least. I’ve only been here a month, after all.

So here goes week 4. I got this. I think. Ian? 




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