Today was the first day I haven’t disliked my new job. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. (Yet.) Hopefully the pendulum is beginning to swing more and more to enjoying it.

All new jobs have their quirks and adjustment period. This one includes a new country, new language, completely new alphabet. And new wardrobe: no more blue shirts and jeans; I have to think about what I’m wearing (Sidebar: I totally wore a miniskirt and leggings to work today).

My sleep has been terrible, my sheets are uncomfortable, I go to sleep with headaches and wake up with them, my dreams are super weird and I’m not good at this teaching thing. It’s very, very different from an Apple workshop.

So, to cheer myself (and you, Mom) up, here’s 10 things I do like about my new job:
1. I’m teaching a class on Zombies.
2. The food on campus isn’t bad, and off-campus is amazing.
3. There’s a full-size plane OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.
4. Next month we’re migrating to brand new teacher dorms.
5. I’m learning how to use chopsticks.
6. I don’t have to pay rent, utilities, gas or insurance.
7. There’s an Apple Authorized dealer that I’m going to go to for my fix.
8. I look like a Mad Men character in all my skirts. (“Say fellas, ‘yeah?’ Fellas, ‘yeah?’ Has your girlfriend got the butt? ‘Hell yeah.'”)
9. Today I taught drama in a veil and a ball under my shirt, telling the kids I was a bride, pregnant with a zombie baby.
10. I’m in Korea. It’s different and scary and cool and only for a year. As someone important told me: It’s a year. It’s going to pass one way or another. Why not Korea?


Caption: survival kit for zombie apocalypse–if you could only have 10, what would they be?

4 thoughts on “Pendulum

  1. Hahaha wow that is crazy fun that your teaching about zombies! And if you want I might be able to fit extra sheets in my bag if you need me send me a message on kakaotalk 🙂 hopefully we can help each other get settled in! And do you know when and who gets to move to the new dorms? I come on the 21st wonder if ill be in new dorms right away or will I be in old and than move or will I be in old and stay in the old ones… ? Dont worry it should get better the more you get accustomed to the place! 🙂

    • Nah, I’m sure I’ll figure out the sheets situation. Thanks, though! We aren’t supposed to move to the new dorms until mid-July, so you probably get to move twice like us:)

      • Yay! Hahaha I hate moving! Hahaha good thing I wont have a lot! But sucks to get settled and then have to move again lol the old dorms are they going to be used for students or something?

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