And here. we. go.

Made it past the I-5 bridge collapse. Survived family goodbye, but only by pretending to be Spock and have no emotions. Snuck both suitcases under weight. Made it through security despite the pat-down and laptop search. Leaned right on the train to international “S” gates. Found a bathroom. Now a Smart Water. And finally, the blog! The infamous blog! It LIVES!

Welcome to!

I’ll try and post often (but not, like, too often, where you feel the need to hide my updates on Facebook or pretend you have “plans” so you don’t have to see me kind of often). If you want to, I think there’s a submission or “ask” box where you can ask questions or say hi–and of course, there is always a comment box at the bottom of each article. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@alyssa_bailey, or just click the link on the right side of the blog) as well for smaller, quippier anecdotes. 

Without further ado, 


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